jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

Chilean authorities say an explosion in the subway of Santiago h

Chilean authorities say an explosion in the subway of Santiago have all the signs of a terrorist attack aimed at causing harm to innocent people, said on Monday the government representative Alvaro Elizalde. 

According to the latest channel Telesur, in a powerful blast at least eight people were injured. The explosion occurred at a fast food restaurant at the station "Military School" (Escuela Militar). The explosive was planted in a garbage can. 

Segunda edition citing Elizalde reports that authorities do not exclude a possible increase in the number of victims and provide all possible assistance to the wounded. Elizalde also said that in the near future will be enacted anti-terrorism legislation of Chile, but did not elaborate on what specific measures in question. 

"As a result of this act hurt innocent people, it deserves a vigorous conviction and, of course, the unity of all Chileans," - said the representative of the government. He promised that those responsible will be punished. 

Now the place is surrounded by carabinieri explosion, near the metro station formed traffic jams. Subway train passing station "Military School" without stopping. 



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